'I just don’t know what to wear"

Don’t know what to wear??? Oversized sweaters make one of the most convenient, comfortable yet cute outfits for the Fall! Just throw on some leggings, cami and some cute shoes/boots and you’re ready for a perfect fall day!!! No need to rave through your closet trying to find the perfect outfit. I believe less is always more. 

I'm pretty basic when it comes to the way I dress. I have a few staple items which I switch up to make new outfits. Here's a few suggestions for staple must haves:

1. Always keep 4/5 comfortable, yet cute fitting jeans. These jeans should range from light blue, medium blue, dark blue (with yellow stitching) black and during the spring and summer months white pants! I prefer ankle jeans to show my silhouette but boot cut and even bell bottoms are cute too. I also prefer high rise jeans to tuck in my stomach as I am on a little on the more to love side. lol

2. Blazers are another staple item that can make a difference from one outfit to the next. Black and white are a must then you can mix in that pop of color of your choice such as orange and yellow. This will spruce up that once boring outfit in a heart beat! Thank me later lol 

 3. I'm all for cute yet comfortably, so when it comes to shoes especially heels I'm very picky. I prefer a thick heel versus skinny to provide more support as I walk. I also may wear a wedged shoe from time to time which provides even more support. 

4. Lastly, I keep basic "GO TO" accessories such as a cute but simple necklace, earrings and bag.  If you're necklace is big wear small earrings and vice versa if your earrings are big wear a small necklace or none at all. Keep a neutral go to purse in black, camel (brown or tan) olive green, or gray. 

That's pretty much the basics but this will all mean nothing if you don't know your body type. Acknowledge and be honest with yourself about your body type and shape.  Clothes come in all different sizes so there's no excuse for saying something just doesn't fit. Just get a bigger size! duh If you're not ok with your body type/size then do something about it. I like my clothes fitted but I also love to eat. So this tire around my waist sometimes gets in the way. smh So I figure I have two choices, buy a bigger size or lose weight! For a while I've opted just to squeeze into my old clothes but I got tired of that. So I'm now working on creating healthier habits so I can look and feel good. In the meantime, until I reach my ideal weight I must accept my body type. I buy clothes that fit and lay nicely on my curves. I often wear stretch pants and a nice fashionable kimono or cover up to hide my tire because I'm not going out like that with my stomach hanging out. lol So there's definitely ways coordinate your clothes based on your shape. These are just some ideas and suggestions.  I still have my go to staple items as mentioned above which can be worn by ALL shapes and sizes. So ladies, lets keep it cute and comfortable! 

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